Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Terminator Salvation Pictures

Here below some pictures of Terminator Salvation, aka Terminator 4, upcoming Terminator movie directed by McG and starring Christian Bale in the lead role as John Connor:
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Moon Bloodgood
Terminator 4 - CommonTerminator Salvation
John Connor vs Terminator - Terminator SalvationJohn Connor (Christian Bale) - Terminator 4Terminator
Moto Terminator Salvation
Terminator 4 - hydrobotAirship in Terminator 4City in ruins - Terminator 4
Moto TerminatorJohn Connor vs Hydrobot - terminator 4Hydrobot Attack mode
Giant TerminatorChristian Bale as John Connor
Hydrobot - Terminator 4Terminator factory
Looks like Skynet had time and enough creativity to build some new friends to help in its program of destruction and anihilation of Mankind: airships, giant Terminators, hydrobots, and moto terminators are now here to join forces with the traditional terminators!

John Connor (Christian Bale) is going to have a hard time saving the remnant of Mankind...