Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Terminator 4 TV Clip

Terminator 4 Movie with Christian Bale - termionator SalvationA few TV clips of Terminator 4 have started to air on TV:

We are outnumbered by machines...

I knew it was coming.

You and me we have been at war since even before I ever existed...

I heard that terminator 4 is going to be PG13, but those TV spots of Terminator Salvation are quite dark. I bet the first intent was to cut a R rated movie. But there must have been some pressure from above... Too bad: it means that we won't see Moon Bloodgood's boobs which were touted by director McG as the epitome of humanness. Well we will still get to see them on the DVD release of terminator 4 later on.